Located in Dover, Tennessee (Land Between the Lakes)


Additional Information

Do you offer financing?

No, however, there are options for financing tiny homes. Check out this options for financing. 


Does your company have select floor plans to choose from?

No, we build custom built tiny homes that are completely customizable. 

Are you NOAH (National Organization of Alternative Housing) certified?

Yes! NOAH inspects each tiny house at specific phases of construction for compliance to the NOAH Standard, utilizing a proprietary inspection system.

  • Foundation or Trailer
  • Attachment Systems & Framing
  • All-Trades (Electrical, Plumbing & HVAC)
  • Insulation & Final

How much are your tiny homes?

Our prices start at 20k. Please see our pricing page for more details. 

How long does it take to build a tiny home?

Usually 10-12 weeks. Depending on the size and customizations in the home. 

What are the benefits to going tiny?

Minimalist but rewarding lifestyle

Family time



Flexibility to travel with your home.

Power usage


Money for enjoyment 


Ability to travel


Smaller house equals less problems

Environmentally friendly

Work from home-mobile office

What is your process?

1. Schedule a visit with us. Give us your ideas and needs for your tiny house. What does your dream tiny house look like? 

2.Putting it all together. Sketching. 

3.Once your down payment has been paid we will order your trailer and begin building. It takes approximately 10-12 weeks depending on customizations of the tiny home. 

4. Once final paperwork is complete and final payment has been paid your tiny home is ready to go!

Where can I put my tiny house in Tennessee? 

-Your own land

-RV park 

-Tiny house community

-Family/friends backyard with permission of course. 

Some municipalities are more tiny friendly than others. Before purchasing land or placing your tiny home be sure to check with your local zoning office for rules/regulations. 

Do you build tiny homes on permanent foundations?

No, we only build tiny homes on wheels.