Located in Dover, Tennessee (Land Between the Lakes)

Our Team

Owner/Builder~Marcus Norville

Marcus has worked along side his dad since he was very young and has learned many of his skills from experiences with him. He has worked along side him through construction of houses, garages, additions, and remodels.  He also has experience with RV's and operating systems (lpg, DC power, and AC power) in them. Marcus enjoys buying RV's that are damaged and repairing them. 

Builder~Bruce Siders

Bruce has worked in woodworking for 15+years. He has owned his own woodworking shop for many years building furniture, yard ornaments, crafts etc.. He is good with the fine details and finish work. He shares his  extraordinary talent with us at Heartland Tiny Homes.

Builder~David Norville

David has been in the remodeling and construction business for himself since he was a young man. He has experience from complete residential builds to remodeling and repairing existing structures. He has vast experience with residential as well as government building codes. He has 7 years experience as project manager and quality control inspector for the US government on Fort Campbell army base.